The Election INFECTION Covid 19

Vaccinated Pandemic.

The Global Health Organisation was created to deliver the world real public health policies.


Whilst every member of the Australian political parties both state and federal tell you daily this is an Unvaccinated Pandemic, the DATA on the TGA site below paints a different picture. I have meticulously plotted each days Cases VS Cases Vaccinated.
As the Cases rise so to do the Cases Vaccinated. They go up in exact correlation as can be seen by the 2 lines representing the CASES vs CASES VACCINATED.
What “could” be concluded from this data is that it is a MANMADE VACCINATED PANDEMIC.

I would love to be proven wrong, for i this is the case it truly means that this is an orchestrated PANDEMIC or PLANDEMIC. To which you have stayed home, worn masks and been petrified by the daily moaning of your elected officials.
If this is the case, then we need to try ALL OF THEM FOR TREASON.
We need to set up a PEOPLES COURT or MILITARY COURT where money can not have influence over the decision making.
The Supreme Court of Victoria is POLITICISED (Cotterill v Romanes) and that is a dangerous place to be as the tyrants have also dissolved a functioning state government whilst taking extreme power over the people.
Whilst you are asleep they are passing DANGEROUS laws to remove and erode your freedoms further.
Whilst you are terrified at home and missing what they are doing, your country goes down the gurgler and division of the peoples continue.

This was the 12th September 2021.
We are 14 days behind in the Factual Data coming through our TGA. I want to be able to check what the figures were for this day when the TGA post them. He stated ALL were Unvaccinated eyt the daily up until the 29th of August is showing clearly that there are at least 99% of cases that are vaccinated not unvaccinated.
They are just blatantly lying now.
He also stated in the 7 deaths or 8 deaths for this day that they all had pre existing conditions. Just whizzed over that statement however.
140000 Tests should see the case numbers go up.

I’d love to plot the tests to CASES ratio.
Latest CASE DATA up until 29th August. Today is the 13th September