Section 51

Full Disclosure- Bring it all out in the open- NO secret laborotories, secret physchological manipulation.

Control over media. Peoples media focussed on achievement of the arts sport and business. Educate and stimulate the masses. Love and Hope the eternal message.

Decision Making Process- The peoples have their say via digital referendum.

Corporate Structure- Corporations CEASE to exist. Businesses headed by peoples elected to head those businesses.

Piecework shall be introduced to the manufacturing sector. Production shall be rewarded in the form of ownership by the people working and shared on a 30/70 % basis. That way it is on everyone to endeavour to achieve and excel toward excellence.

Nutrition- Tantamount to a productive society is nutrition. it is so obvious that big pharmaceuticals have been interfering with our bodies and their functions for years. Sacharine, Asbartane, are the most recent in that line of sweeteners

Candidates will be know by name only. Party affiliations or business

We all sat back and did nothing? Julian Assange, you are my hero.

Section 92

Section 58

Section 109

Section 115

I love silver, silver is the rarest and about to go extinct on the periodic chart

Section 117

Section 118

Human Rights Act 2019

Section 12

Section 16

Section 17C

Section 19

Section 22

Section 29

Covid-19 Emergency Act 2020

Section 4 – This Act does not supersede Human Rights Act 2019

Public Health Act 2015

Public Health Act 2015

Biosecurity Act 2015 (Commonwealth Law supercedes State Laws)

Section 60

Section 61

Section 62

Section 63

Section 95

Section 108

Bill of Rights 1688

Section 12

Australian Immunisation Handbook

Section 2.1.3 – Valid Consent