Walt Disney was a known pedophile and a 33 degree freemason.Disney’s preference was little boys but made available to the abuse of all children. With research, this is easily verifiable.The inappropriate acts of sexual innuendo fills his films, the toys spawned from the stories, the Mickey Mouse club and the abused children we used to watch on tv. This toy is sold as it is shown in plain sight.People buy it without thinking anything is wrong due to the cognitive dissonance that has captured us all in certain areas that we bought into. Disney is easily one of those areas.Please look into this topic if you haven’t done so already. It’s a very deep rabbit hole that is ugly, frightening and despicable. Please stop supporting a pedophile corporation that hires pedophiles, abducts children in Disneyworld and Land through underground tunnels, that is pornographic subliminally teaching our children deeply disturbing messages on many various levels.I ask you to do the research.Raven White Dove