The Election INFECTION Covid 19

Rockefeller Foundation NWO Agenda 2030

The Global Health Organisation was created to deliver the world real public health policies.


Here we have the President of Ghana NANO AKUFO-ADDO reading his copy of the LOCKSTEP document from the Rockefeller Foundation. Many African & South American nations have had their Presidents telling the world that COVID-19 is a PLANdemic HOAX event, and they have been trying to Wake Up the rest of the world to the massive deception. People need to quit worrying about the fake COVID-19 or the planned/staged Riots (they are the distractions, NOT THE MAIN EVENT), and start getting ready to resist the New World Order takeover. Have a plan to get out of the cities (if you haven’t done so already), accumulate dry goods & canned meats that can keep without refrigeration, and stock up on bullets and ammo to defend your family in place, while you still have a window of opportunity remaining. Plan for the worst, hope for the best, and stop procrastinating. We are the ones that we have been waiting for, we are responsible for our own Freedom. If you are living in Europe, UK, Canada, USA, Australia, or New Zealand, you need to get prepared for a fight, or try to bug out now to Africa or South America if possible. The main thing is that if you plan to stay in place, do get prepared for a fight, because it absolutely is coming; if you aren’t prepared to defend in place, you need to get to Africa or South America as soon as possible. Mexico is much safer than Canada or the USA right now. Once that wall at the southern border is finished, you will not be allowed to flee southbound any longer. Time is ticking away!