The Election INFECTION Covid 19

Election Infection

"They Are Going to Decertify This Election!"

“They Are Going to Decertify This Election!”

Don’t Let them Take Your Children with this Injection

Your Health is being used to remove you of your Wealth.

Reiner Fuellmich- NURUMBERG 2

the world’s largest tort case launched for covid related crimes against humanity.
Leading German lawyer and member of the German Corona Investigative Committee, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich
specialises globally on the prosecution of fraudulent corporations.
He now leads a stellar team of international lawyers in what will become the world’s largest global tort
case—against all protagonists and accomplices in what is now being termed ‘The COVID Scandal’.
In this bombshell narrative, he lays down the background and details of the upcoming case.
The game is over, the lies are exposed, people aren’t afraid anymore. The longer this charade goes on; there
will be increased poverty, suicides and certainly vigilante rallies, as the police are no longer serving the
people, but rather following unethical orders.

Rand Paul- A Fearless Warrier and Patriot.

The Bigs are Sick.
Very Very Sick.

Genocide of the Elderly

Dr Rand Paul- US Senator

Some of you may remember all that noise about PENSION FUNDS throughout 2018/2019?
Guess what demographic these very sick puppies went after with their covid nonsense? The very same demographic, the Baby Boomers and older.
Baby Boomers hold 70% of the worlds wealth. They own nearly everything and now they are pestering governments and corporations for their PENSION entitlements. All governments have massive, unfunded pension funds they need to somehow procure or go bust.

Lets kill em all and they wont have any pension problems.
If they die intestate, guess who gets the assets? The GOVERNMENT.
The tsunami of financial armageddon is upon us. Any day now the top could blow off like never before. An economic tsunami of biblical proportions.

Remember the crash after 9-11 and how it was reasonably short lived. I equate this to simply kicking the can down the road. Well here we are. Just like that flase flag, this false flag Covid, gives the market a reason to collapse. Will it recover? Not for 20 years, possibly longer.,

“Covid gives this impending crash a reason. “

This is the false flag event to strip you of everything including your own DNA. You are no more than a chattell purchased by the EVIL pharmacuetical companies to control you and turn you into their Artificial Intelligence. Remember what it felt like to smell, to feel, to love, to run, to hike, to go to the beach or any one of countless magnificent freedoms.
She will be right mate!
Not if good men site idle and allow this perverse corruption to continue.

It all started from a what? Bats, pengeluns and people were dropping dead walking down the street

Terminology of Pandemic and Vaccine conveniently changed to include.

PCR Test



Coclusive Proof that this was all a hoax and preplanned

Americas Frontline Doctors

Follow The Science

Give Up You Citizenship enmasse and show the corporate government we want to be Citizens of the Commonwealth of Austrlaia not their CORPORATION.

Lockstep, Plandemic, Event 201, Agenda 2030, WEF, WHO CDC HIAH, FDA, PFizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca, J and J,


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TGA Complicit in Fraud


Hitler as a Political Physician

⁠The lunacy of it all

Onc upon a time there lived a super creepy, hair sniffing, sleepy old man. He was very much like a potato on a stick, with deep black little beady eyes. He lived in a cellar and nobody listened to him. He went out of his house a few times and paid for workers around him to look like they were interested in his stories of driving a truck, flying a jet fighter and other nonsense. Somehow, he miraculously won the admiration of the country and all of a sudden he was made the president of the free world. He became very strong and powerful and rose up over the land.

This land had a sickness, called stupidity. It was a nasty sickness that believed in men marrying men and women marrying women and both man and woman being able to be whatever they wanted to be. This meant that people who for instance thought they were a dog could marry a man or a woman. We all know that’s silly, don’t we? One place in the free world had a city called Angel City.
Mr Potatoe Head on a Stick had a black, big buddy called Barrack who was married to one of those strange people called a transexual. An old friend called Barracks lover a trannie. Oh, they didn’t like that and mysteriously she died in a hospital 3 months later.
The wise old democrats had decided that Mr Potatoe Head on a Stick was the most intelligent, hard-working, strong and best of all extremely patriotic to his land. His little boy loved hookers and cocaine and all sorts of smokable drugs. He was so proud he did daddy well he gave him 10% of one of his business ventures. He Joe Biden. Joe wasn’t really all that smart and he had a man who took him under his wing. This man was a homosexual from, probably Haiti as his friend was a witch who ate children and tried to smuggle some to America for her friends to eat. This witch was also known as Evergreen to her secret service. The Blackest witch was married to a Warlock who was a rampant sex addict. He had secret service men block off roads and anyone that got in the way of the warlock was mysteriously Arkancided. Lots of his friends took their lives by a divine miracle shot themselves in the head multiple times, some from behind. The warlock had what were called Bush friends. The bush friends played with all sorts of toys. They are renowned for playing with planes that fly into buildings that explode mysteriously and collapse. There was another building where once lived the records of two of America’s largest bankruptcies. These records showed all the people that had swindled the poor slaves’ black and white of America. Enron and Worldcom were their names. All of these people talked about pizzas and the black homosexual man who had a penchant for hot dogs. These hot dogs were sent to the black homosexuals home for a time called the White House. Here he had parties and talked about how many of his friends could also have hotdogs and pizza and other things for their pleasure.

Not a Vaccine Its an Experimental Gene Therapy



Event 201,

Agenda 2030,






PFizer, , J and J,


Astra Zeneca,