The Election INFECTION Covid 19

TRUTH- The Tin Hat Conspiracy Theorist

The Global Health Organisation was created to deliver the world real public health policies.


I refuse to believe in Fairy Tales
I am totally denying the existance of this Plandemic. Covid 19 exists as a means to Socially Engineer a Technocracy that enslaves ALL of Humankind
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Paedophiles and Epstein and Medical Links
Years of planning have gone into this SCAM. Its about elite paedophiles and the 1% of 1%ers that CONTROL the PLAN.
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Covid Followers
Spray surfaces. Wear Gloves. Social Distance. Dont forget your masks
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We have one chance and one chance only to be FREE HUMANS. 

The elite are perpetuating a plan of SOCIAL DESTRUCTION AND Control.

5G and what it means IF TRUE. I will explain what I know and lets see if it can be debunked. Relationship between California fires, Raytheon, 5G, Wuhan first city or thereabouts to roll it out.

December I saw the video of the chinese doctor whistleblower.

January 8th received a text message with one word in it Hydroxychloroquine

February diagnosed with cancer and then told 5 minutes later that it wasnt cancer

March- flew to india. Why? What happened as I watched Malaysias main capital o from none to all out martial law. The evacuation of the city. The Muslim festival where 15000 people were all allowed to go arse to nose in prayer.

The Great Awakening